Day 6 – Progress Update (NaNoWriMo)

Start of Day 6, and all I can think about is that I only have 3 days left before I go back to work.

Honestly, though, yesterday’s word count still came in higher than I anticipated, and that makes me super happy!

I feel like Shannon at the moment, though. She’s at a stage in the book where her emotions go from one extreme to the next at the drop of a hat, and she’s making me just as crazy!

I hit midway point yesterday! Hooray! Chapter 10 is done, with another 10 to go, and geez, the girls are in for some seriously crazy shit from here on out. Yesterday’s total words came in at 3739, putting me at 26024. When I finished writing last night at 10pm, it was because my eyes couldn’t remain open, not because I was struggling with the story. I didn’t really get to write on the car ride to and from Costco yesterday, and then had a friend over for a couple of hours yesterday. I reckon I could have easily got another 2k in if that hadn’t been the case.

Today’s goal is 5k, because I have to get the housework done today and run over to the post office to submit my passport application, so I reckon I’ll lose around 2 to 3 hours doing that. Probably will be encouraged to do the grocery shopping then too, which will give me more time tomorrow to smash out my words. The thought of maybe getting to 40k by Sunday night is exciting me, but surely there’s a wall somewhere I will hit soon. It happens to everyone, after all! I’m ignoring my inner editor as much as I can, but it is still there wreaking havoc when I write. haha Nevertheless… this puts it perfectly:

Good luck today, peeps! And for those that the day is nearly over, good luck tomorrow! πŸ˜€ Let’s smash this thing!


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