Melony R Boseley

My name is Melony R Boseley, and I am a writer. It’s taken with over 10 years to admit that, and it’s both liberating and terrifying at the same time. I have been writing since a very young age, but as is generally the case with most writers, I often suffer from impostor syndrome. I actively write in a multitude of genres and styles, but I lean mostly towards fiction, though a number of my recent pieces are creative nonfiction. I am a Texas girl through and through, but in 2006, I migrated to Australia and now reside in Queensland with two dogs, two cats, and an Aussie bloke.

If you’ve made it to my blog, it’s likely due to my regular posts on YeahWrite, my favorite online writing community. I am a yearly participant of National Novel Writing Month, of which I won in 2015 and 2019. I also participate in challenges created by NYC Midnight and Yeah Write.

I have been recently published in an anthology titled, Sensorially Challenged, Vol 1, in a team writing anthology titled 72 Hours of Insanity, and at the website Sammiches and Psych Meds (for a creative nonfiction piece).

Check out more of my work, stories, blog posts, and geek culture pieces below.

FICTION (short, micro, long)




4 thoughts on “Melony R Boseley

  1. Hi Melony, thank you for following.
    I am impressed that a Texas girl can communicate with Australians, given that you have no language in common!
    Just kidding, great country and great people.
    Have fun.

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