Basil’s Adventure

Basil fidgeted with the gold coin in his pocket as he quietly walked into the open door. It was dark inside, the way he liked it, but it was too cavernous. He was exposed, laid bare by its lack of papers and boxes to keep him secret, safe.

He turned his head, widening his eyes to take in the room. Outside, a car sprung to life, and it took all the courage he had in him to not squeak.

Basil kept reminding himself, that he only had to make it through this room. That’s what Justin had told him. The Grand Rat, his fierce visage burned in Basil’s mind, had targeted the mousy desk-clerk because of his stature. He was unassuming.

Back home, his wife and kids were waiting for the cheese and bread he’d gotten earlier, but instead of going home to them, he was here, traipsing through his office building, looking for one vent sitting beside a filing cabinet. Apparently, only he could fit into. Worst yet, The Rats had his family hostage as collateral.

Finally, he was there. Opening the vent meant using a screwdriver. Basil dropped his coin in his pocket and pulled out the Leatherman he had squirreled away in his cluttered desk.

He slipped it in the grooves. The lights turned on.

This time, Basil did squeak. And just like that, he couldn’t move. He was fear-frozen, lips trembling, eyes panic-scanning the room. 

His gaze fell on two pairs of brown suede shoes. They belonged to the boss.

“Basil, what are you still doing here?” 

Basil stammered. He couldn’t think, couldn’t move.

The boss lifted him to his feet. His cat-like whiskers moved with his mouth.


Basil burst into tears. “The Rats. They have them. My Gus and Phoebe.”

“Stupid Rats,” the boss said with a shake of his head. “Gone too far this time. We’ll get them back for ya, Basil. You just wait here. Well, not here. But in the front office.”

Basil choked back some snotty remains and nodded, “Oh, oh, oh, -kay, Mr Patch.”

The boss led the way out of the room, closed the door, and locked it behind them. Basil settled into a tight corner with his coin in hand, and waited. 



5 thoughts on “Basil’s Adventure

  1. You put a lot of details in for 30 minutes! Your mouse-like character is right on target. I wondered if the boss is more than cat-like, which makes it interesting that he would help Basil. If you do more with this, I’d love to see how they are going to get Basil’s family back.


  2. I really like this as an opener to a larger story. It would be interesting to see how the relationships play out between Basil and his boss, between Basil and the Rats. I’d like to see Basil’s character arc!


  3. The ending made me want to know what was going to happen to Basil. You swiftly identified the stakes so the reader cared about poor Phoebe and Gus. Using “my” before their names was a quick way to inform who they were to Basil (his children, I assume).


  4. Nice use of the mouse prompt! I was a bit confused on the details about the family. Were they being held hostage in their home? My favorite part was the last line. Seeing him curled up like that, clutching the coin, left me with a palpable feeling of tension.


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