Yellow Tracks

“Okay, racers, start. your. engines!” 


The whistle blows.

“Annnnddd they’re off!” Mommy commentates. “Callum takes an early lead. But what’s this? Liam is closing in. Folks, he could win!”

Callum grabs the track. “Earthquake!”

The Hot Wheels tumble to the carpet as another match begins on foot.

4 thoughts on “Yellow Tracks

  1. This is an adorable visual. I could totally see my own kids doing exactly this! I wasn’t entirely clear on who the audience for the story was – the voice felt younger in the first half, and then shifted with “commentates.” I loved the way “Hot Wheels” put the action in perspective, and then the shift to a foot race at the end.

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    1. Thanks, Jen! I wasn’t sure if I could use race so opted to say match instead. Supposed to mean that after Callum shook the track, he ran away and the others chased after him hehe


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