Day 7 – NaNo Progress Report

So it’s official!


I have hit my original target for the week! 30k down! This was taken last night before I stepped away from the computer. I ended my writing at 7pm and spent some much needed time with my hubby. He’s been so supportive this week, and I thought I owed him that. He’s been a massive cheerleader for me this week, and I’m so lucky that he understands me so well!

That being said, I’m 2 days away from work, and today and tomorrow I miss out on time for the book. I have 4 hours taken tomorrow with cooking and laundry and a big walk that I do with a friend. that sort of thing. 3 hours today with a PT session and our Saturday morning breakfast after it. The goal is 5-6k today, but that’ll mean cutting into the evening a bit.

I think if I push myself, I could get that 40k, but I’m counting everything past today a bonus anyway. I’m so excited about how the book is coming along. I’m up to second last chapter of act 2, which will probably put me close to 35k by the end of it.

Then the darkness comes, and geez it’s about to get super dark. I am worried I may have to go back and add to the book, since I’m getting pretty close to the end with 50k that little bit further out. But that is a future Mel problem. haha

Good luck this weekend, folks!


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