I’ve been talking about National Novel Writing Month for months now, and it’s almost on my doorstep now, with only 4 weeks before it launches. I officially registered my book onto the site today. No backing out now! haha Likely story!

If you look at my previous years, I have not faired very well, despite my best intentions. Today I’m taking a moment to analyse why I have yet to finish a NaNoWriMo even though I really wanted to do it. That way I can work actively to not have the same issues as before.

Year 1 (2012) – I had only just learned about NaNo a week prior to starting, so when I signed up, I had no idea the amount of effort it would require. Out of all of the years, this was honestly my second best attempt. I felt pretty good with where I was going, even though a bit of the book had already been written before. I have spent years on The Castle of Manoli. The Aenora Chronicles are my do-this-book-once-you-finish-Shannon&Amanda, but I haven’t finished Shannon & Amanda, and it will probably be years yet before I do. I keep promising myself that I will spend one NaNo trying this one again, but I haven’t yet. Nevertheless, I worked in retail during this year, and November is an impossible month with increased foot traffic and working hours. I think I ended up putting the story away when I realised that I didn’t have the energy after work. Sadly Keirhyn, Ferdinand and company will have to wait for their first entry for another year.

Year 2 (2013) – Retribution has been my best effort yet. It was the second book in my Shannon & Amanda series, and I was certain I could finish it. I spent about two weeks preparing a basic outline for each of the chapters, and new characters. I wrote so much that first week or two. Then I got to chapter 5 of the book, and all of the planning went out the window, when I realised that I couldn’t feasibly put the characters through what I had planned. They were my children (I’ve been writing them since I was 10, after all!), and to put them through even more pain wrecked me. I stopped for a week, and by that point, the damage was done. I called it a month and vowed a better year in 2014.

Year 3 (2014) – Easily my worst year. I spent weeks preparing my Forest Elves story. It is easily a short story, but a book it was not. I had my themes, the characters, and background all set up. Divorce was going to play a predominant role in the story, and I spent hours researching the effects of it on young children. I got to the first day and started writing. I realised within a day that I had no desire to write this story now, and I didn’t have the heart to do it yet. So I gave up… I hated this year.

So now we’re into the 4th year. I’m going back to Shannon & Amanda for a second time, but this time it is my first installment. The book was released and was a non-success, so I pulled it down. I’ve renamed it now to the Young Mystics, and though the main characters have not changed, I have changed their circumstances. I have planned for months and written new character sheets, and I feel that the years before have been a precursor to this year’s success. And for the first time ever, I’m actually taking a week off from work just to write. That’s gotta be exciting! Wish me luck! 😉


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Good Luck Mel

    I completed NanNoWriMo last year, but only the word count. The novel was left hanging when Warlords of Draenor came out. So my plan this month is to finish it, then write a sequel.

    My suggestion is use a spreadsheet to plan in advance how much time, and words, you expect to do each day. Then if you slip you know you have to catch up, and if you get ahead you know you can survive a bad day.

    I have the last week of November off, as much to get out of a boring work group hug event as anything else, but it would give me time to finish writing if I need it.

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    1. Yeah…. last year, I didn’t feel the story before I even started the event. I should have seen that, but I was just so excited about doing it again. This year will be better. I have a specific goal for that first week, and I really look forward to not only finish NaNoWriMo, but to finish the first book for my young mystics. 😀


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