The Church – a flash

-Outside, the grey cobbles of the church belfry were lit by a faint morning sun.- (2)Moira crouched in the underbrush, sword in hand. Daylight and the horrors it brought wouldn’t stop her. If she could reach those church doors, she could end this whole thing.

Cries of the wild echoed around her, and she knew she had no time left. She sprinted  towards the church. The doors burst open as she reached them. A host of demons with a thirst for her blood rushed towards her.

Moira lifted the sword over her head and jumped to the side with a laugh, “The end.”

The last thing she saw was the rocket speeding down the path.


My very good writing buddy, Newshound to Novelist, has a weekly prompt pot that she hosts. It’s a lot of fun! All you have to do is write 100-words towards a prompt (usually a single word, but this week was the above quote), and link to the original post she wrote. 

Nighttime Musings


“Life,” he mutters. 
His eyes reflect the twinkle of the night sky as their barrel of fire crackles. 

The sounds of the bridge above drown his ramblings. Still, he continues, “How unlikely our life is in the universe, yet here we are.”

The Barbie – a microstory


The flames licked the charcoal with feverish intensity.

I thought it would be easier. The tiny bag of dulled emotions – these specks of crystal – teased me, “You need me.”

But I didn’t and felt free as I chucked it into the fire.




The Race – a microstory

Delicate hands shift contour brushes, palettes, and lipstick across the vanity in a deliberate routine.

Another goes through the same process and asks, “What’s your drag -?”

Elsewhere, cheers silence the question.

Despite it, Chris answers in a deep contralto voice, “Lady Chrystel.”



A Gift from the Heart – a microstory


“Do you like it, Mummy?”

Her eyes raise from the box to me. “I love it!”

“It’s what you wanted, right?”

“It’s perfect!”

Her manicured hands were vermilion as they clutched at the contents.

“Her heart will look great in the foyer!”