Escape Plan

Daybreak. Start your morning with a coffee you will promptly forget. Wake up the kids for school one – two – three times before dragging them out of bed. Pack their lunches. Drop them off at the school entrance your hair and mind in tatters. Then drive… and never look back.

9 thoughts on “Escape Plan

    1. Thanks, Northie! I tried to hint with the title, since there were so few words available in the story. I wanted to leave it ambiguous whether she actually left or simply thought about leaving, because both seem as terrifying as the next.

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  1. I can’t decide if the mom is seriously never going to return or if the narrator is just encouraging her to fantasize about it– Especially since her memory seems suspect in the second sentence. Either way, the gap between thought and action scares me!

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    1. Thanks, Kim! I actually wanted it to be a bit ambiguous, because there is such a small gap between thought and acting on that thought. I think a lot of parents have those dark moments when they think, “wouldn’t it be nice to just leave?” but never quite act on it. As someone who often pours myself a cup of tea in the morning and then forgets about it as I get caught up feeding my pets, filling their water bowls, and putting sunscreen on my two white dogs, that first part was just to show that she might be too busy taking care of other’s needs before her own.

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