The Outsider’s Perspective

February this year, I said as a joke and a truth, “If he gets in, I am not coming back to the States for at least four years.”

The room full of office workers laughed with me. America was the butt of the joke. Trump was a joke. We thought it all rather funny.

He spewed hateful words. Became the Republican candidate, and we looked on with a laugh and a sigh, “Oh, ‘Merica. What are you doing? You silly buggers.”

We watched and laughed at every ridiculous word. Every scandal. Every tape that confirmed what we all knew.

On Monday and Tuesday, our laughter continued. Surely no. Surely that would never happen. But fear clouded our eyes.

Wednesday morning, we watched and pointed and giggled. “He can’t win. There’s no way.”

I say with a deadpan look on my face, “I’m serious. If he gets in, I’m not going back for at least four years. No joke.”

Laughter. “Oh, Mel. You have nothing to worry about.”

Midday, and the first of the swing states, Florida, has swung.

I laid my head onto my desk and cried my first tears.

“Commiserations, Mel! She can come back into the lead.”

But I knew, and my fear became my reality.

The faces of my peers watched in abject horror. Their smiles faded and were replaced with sadness and fear. Sober and wishing they weren’t, they watched on.

“What does this mean for us?” they asked.

No one was brave enough to answer.

Instead we went home to our lives, said “Oh ‘Merica” on social media, and tried the best we could to move on. Some made jest of it; some drank. Most just looked back in horror. Will anything ever be the same again?

“Prove us wrong, ‘Merica. Prove us wrong.”


8 thoughts on “The Outsider’s Perspective

      1. weve been stepping backwards every term since 1992, and to this day people only notice when its not their party doing it.

        trump– lies, war, racism, fascist laws, corporate cronyism

        obama– lies, war, racism (against both whites and blacks,) fascist laws, corporate cronyism

        bush– a traitor and king of corporate cronies, but got too much credit for things clinton set up

        clinton (bill)– basically the beta version of obama (and bush)

        hillary voted for “trumps wall” as senator and made racist comments about mexicans. joe biden wrote the patriot act that ashcroft put through. and blame the usa and the republicans all you like (its their fault, too) but the rest of congress and the world stupidly follow our stupidity. just ask tony blair!

        all this finger-pointing and partisan hypocrisy isnt going to bring the criminals to justice– if you want justice, hold everyone responsible responsible. if you want people to get away with murder, let them argue forever who the “worse” murderer is, and let people be distracted forever by the perpetual one-upmanship. well anyway, its working fine– just do the 4-year-hate, weve always been at war with eastasia. –not actually in defense of trump


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