To My Peeps


Anyone can be a writer. Everyone has a story. Only some are brave enough to put pen to paper (or uhhh fingers to keyboard).

I say this all to the time to people when I tell them I’m a writer. By definition, a writer is a “person who has written something or who writes in a particular way” (source: Google), so I have every right to call myself that. Do I feel right when I say it, though? Hell no.

Aside from my blog, I’ve never been published anywhere. That used to be my prerequisite to calling myself a writer, but it’s really so much simpler than that. I put myself out there week in and week out so that an unknown entity can feel what I feel and see what I see.

Writers are a strange bunch. We show an amazing confidence in our pieces. Bravery is defined by how much of ourselves we share with complete strangers. We are also modest and consider ourselves poor examples of what we claim to be. Wut r werds? How spel? Where does this, comma, go?

I’m pretty proud to call myself a writer, though, even if I feel like a fraud. Writing buddies are the best people in the world. They praise your work when you feel it’s shallow and poorly executed. They want to ensure your success, as well, by providing healthy criticism when they feel you have missed the mark. But most of all, they’re honest. When you’re feeling down, they remind you that they have the same doubts, same fears. They remind you of all the awesome stuff you have done and what impact your writing has had on theirs.

So in place of a post about my remorse for remaining unpublished, I want to shout out to all the writing buddies out there. You guys are my peeps and I wouldn’t know what to do without you. Keep being awesome.


15 thoughts on “To My Peeps

  1. I used to get depressed at not publishing but then realised my technical documents count, so if you ever want to know what Gigabit experience is (probably not in Australia) or an uncontested free network then…

    Of course its not fiction (on purpose) so not quite the same.


  2. I do like the act of writing, but sometimes when I read it a month or so afterwards I wonder what the hell I was thinking.

    I really admire your short-form writing and how you can allude to ideas (show, not tell) – I tend to try and control the narrative too much and make a short story long. But it wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t (have to) learn from our mistakes


    1. Yeah. Less is more. Writing flash has helped me with my longer prose writing. It’s still not perfect. Some people totally miss my allusions so it makes me a little sad. I just have to find that happy medium between enough info and too much. hehe


  3. The older I get the more I understand that writing is about process more than it is about the end product — that it is about the joy of doing, not having done.


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