Stories by Melony R Boseley

NYC Midnight Challenges

Cryptic Intent (Flash Fiction / Mystery)

8-Bit Folly (Flash Fiction / Ghost Story)

The Patriots (Flash Fiction / Suspense)

Retribution Road (Short Story / Ghost Story)

The Lager Merger (Flash Fiction / Ghost Story)

Election Race (Short Story / Political Satire)

Yeah Write Challenges

The Last Moments (Microstory)

Sing It Again (Microstory)

Forgetfulness (Microstory)

A Gift from the Heart (Microstory)

The Ice Age (Microstory)

Party at the Grove (Flash Fiction)

The Toddler Dance (Microstory)

Frozen Fall (Microstory)

The Faerie King (Microstory)

Sibling Mischief (Microstory)

The Teacher (Microstory)

The Race (Microstory)

Trinkets (Microstory)

The Call (Microstory)

Hypocrisy (Microstory)

Marigold Pirouette (Poetry)

The Lost Soul (Microstory)

Happy Birthday (Microstory)

The Barbie (Microstory)

The Rant (Microstory)

The Entourage (Microstory)

The Demon Hunter (Microstory)

Season’s End (Microstory)

The Sense of Youth (Poetry)

Freedom (Microstory)

Anger (Poetry)

Friday Fictioneers

The Anniversary Gift

The Teasing Game

Practice Makes Perfect

The Garden Thieves


The Tale of the Hourglass

The Enthusiast

The Mob

The Slums

An Outsiders Perspective

The Traveler

A Barbed Life

Spaceship Express

First Class Ticket

The Cottage

35 Stories for 35 Years

Welcome Home

Party at the Grove

The Enchanted Lake

The Pilgrimage

The Night Before

Relationship Status Update 

The Beast Within

The Dandelion Queen

Lydia’s Musings

The Patient

An Eventful Birth

The Relapse

An Anzac Story

The Redwood Cave

The Hamptons

The Morning After

Dolly Folly


The Red House

Miscellaneous Stories

The Vanquishing of the Easter Bunny (Comedy Flash Fiction)

Meet Me At Kings Park: An Anzac Story (Flash Fiction)

The Last Spirit Warrior (Flash Fiction)

An Unnatural Birth (Flash Fiction)

The Package (Microstory)