Night Terrors

It’s been a while since I woke at zaudtmc
4 a.m.

Nightmares of spiders falling
on my head
have always plagued me, so
Please forgive me for screaming.

I dreamt of a new terrifying evil –
The spiderfly – complete with all
The annoyance of a fly
And all the horror of a spider.





Television humming,
Mingling with lost –
Ostracized – conversation.
Shunned and ignored, she hides –
Hides in her thoughts, her skin.
Kin always fight. Words fly,
Lies muttered –
Uttered with malice.
Less and less, she hears the hate –
Ate it for breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Inner turmoil boils over.
Over it all!
All’s not fine. All’s not well.
Well, I… be easier to not be here-
Hearing them, feeling them –
Embellished loneliness rises.
Success marked when blade breaks –
Rakes skin.