A Lost Rhapsody

At 11, I was well aware that our little trips to Hastings were lame. This was my one joy in the world, though, so I tried not to care (too much).

We piled out of the minivan together, our army of five, and entered the store in a semi-single file.

Once the doors closed behind us, all semblance of order disappeared. Brother and sister walked to the movie or music section. Mom looked for the cookbook area, but Dad and I hovered at the entrance for a few moments, torn between which sections to take. Some days he’d go straight for the fantasy book department, sometimes the movies, and sometimes the music. I didn’t always follow him, but my tastes matched his.

As I walked towards the familiar call of dragons and sword fighters, Dad’s head jerked up towards the speakers. “Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia,” an odd falsetto voice bellowed. His eyes grew wide and his lips spread out into a smile. He walked straight to the CD racks, and I followed with curiosity.

I’d never listened to the song before, but Dad went straight for the Q section of the CD racks. I wondered if Queen sang the song. We owned their Greatest Hits Vol 2. I’d worn out the tape long ago, and the CD replacement was a frequent fixture in our 5CD turntable. I asked Dad once if there was a Volume 1, and he had said with sadness it never wasn’t available at Hastings.

I tried to make out the words and the song, but Dad’s grumbles were all I could hear.

He stomped over to the counter and asked pointing up into thin air, “Where can I find this song?”

His remaining hand looked ready to pull the clerk across the counter by the collar of his unkempt shirt.

“Dude. It’s just the soundtrack to Wayne’s World,” he said with a roll of his eyes that said “Can you believe this guy? Damn old people!”

Dad walked away, defeated. “I really wanted you to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody,” he said patting my head. “I just know you’d love it.”

We walked out of the store empty-handed in mild defeat. Wayne’s World was no longer in theatres, and it would be months before it came out on video.

Dad turned on the radio with a sigh and drove the Loop, a highway which circled the whole city in under 15 minutes. After his second lap, the radio announcer mentioned, “Never played on KBUS, Bohemian Rhapsody, back on the charts thanks to a new movie coming out this year. Enjoy.”

And enjoy we did!


12 thoughts on “A Lost Rhapsody

    1. Thanks, D! It’s so much easier now to just introduce kids to things thanks to the internet. But Bohemian Rhapsody was one big Queen music video, and I loved every second of it. haha


  1. In no way did I turn that song on full volume in my car on my drive home yesterday after reading this the first time. This was a great little tidbit from your life and a really sweet father-daughter story. Now I’m going to have to go watch Wayne’s World…excellent.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had never heard of Queen until the movie Wayne’s World came out when I was 15. I have loved them ever since! Nice story!


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