The bedroom door is ajar allowing the glow of the morning sun to spill out into our darkened room. Weary but serene, I blink at the amber rays. We are not alone in bed.

At some point in the night, the tuxedo cat with a cacophonous cry and a tiny purr cuddles in between our pillows. His tail tickles my husband’s nose as his whiskers tickle mine. He remains there in various positions through the night and into the morning. While an early visit to the bathroom sees the calico join the three of us. Her loud purrs make my chest and hand vibrate with a tempo of their making. It grows in volume, until I’m sound asleep.

An hour before the aforementioned dawn, two giant dogs inch their way into the bed. Avoiding the cats, they slot themselves into the middle. Their paws and heads touching us both. One curls up into our legs, the other threatens to push us out of the bed completely as he sprawls out. Somehow, we sleep in this controlled chaos.

As I contemplate rising, I can’t help but smile. My little family shares this moment of serenity more frequently than not. It’s crowded in the queen-sized bed, with twenty feet, four tails, and six heads, but it’s ours. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



What? We’re hoo-man too!


12 thoughts on “Daybreak

  1. Your family sounds so warm and purrrfect. (Sorry, had to.) One small concrit: Can a cat’s cry be cacophonous? I feel like cacophony is usually more than one sound at a time. As I write this my 73 lb dog (who gained 8 lbs in 2 months!) is sleeping next to me on the bed and my two cats are pissed that they can’t be in here, too. (My dog likes to hump them, so…)

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  2. I love this – so homey & content. There’s just one big dog in the bed here & that can be crazy. I can imagine 2 dogs & 2 cats is… cozy!


  3. My dogs aren’t allowed in my bed (mean mom). But also, I”m wondering how you have so much light in your hallway that it penetrates your bedroom like that? My hallways have no window.


    • haha Our dogs are only allowed up just before we get out of bed. Hubby usually motions for them to come on up. Our house is pretty small. Our bedroom is just outside the living room and the bathroom, as it’s at the end of a short hallway. So light from the rest of the house spills in every morning. If someone doesn’t close the door enough, it always lands on my face too. hah


  4. Hah! My husband and I were just talking about how, when the kids were young, we’d wake to find two kids, and one enormous dog squeezed between us on our queen-sized bed! Mostly my husband was complaining about how the dog would lie with his back to one of the kids, his feet on my husband, and progressively push till my husband was shoved out of the bed. Who needs an alarm, right?

    I love the picture you paint of this warm, comforting morning ritual.

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  5. I usually make my dog sleep on one of her three beds in my room (she has others scattered throughout the house) but last night I caved because it was cold and she gave me “that look. There was such a feeling of comfort to this piece. Thank you for sharing!

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    • hahah Our dogs are definitely not allowed up through the night. We’d never get any sleep if they did. hah I’m glad our winters aren’t all that bad here, though. I’d feel like such a meanie keeping them off if it were below freezing.

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