The Morning Of


Grandma’s lipsticks line the vanity in varying shades of rouge. Her wrinkled hands tremble, unable to decide.

A baritone sings “How Great Thou Art?” with gentle piano accompaniment.

Henry always loved this song,” Grandma says. Her voice cracks.

I hold my lily and sniff, “We’ll miss you, Grandpa.”


7 thoughts on “The Morning Of

  1. I, too, liked the details setting the tone. I found the story sad as well. The ending introducing a second character threw me off. I didn’t expect it. I wonder if the ending would be stronger if it was just Grandma?


  2. I really liked the way you brought the narrator into the story at the end. That shift made Grandma’s observation about Henry/Grandpa all the more poignant — she was confiding in her grandchild. Nicely done, Melony.


  3. I have to say, I love the idea of a grandma wearing red lipstick to a funeral. In spite of how sad this piece it, that made me smile.


  4. I loved that line with the lipsticks all in red. It gave us a sense of who she was/is. Starting with the details and getting to know grandma allowed us to feel good before realizing it was a sad day. Well done 🙂


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