“Our love was a bonfire,” I whisper. “You wrote our names on a tree once… I know you remember.”

I stand here at the tree. Embers of my passion sprinkle down around me. “I hope you feel the heat. I hope it touches you. Burns you.”

The ashes fall lightly on me.

“You said once you loved me. But you didn’t. How could you?”

I wonder, Will you know I did this? Will you even see it?

Our tree is gone.




10 thoughts on “Embers

  1. This was a passionate fire and the tree bore the brunt of it!Some lines are so beautiful like ‘”Embers of my passion sprinkled around me”.


  2. That’s awesome! Love how you capture such a full story!! If any, the part about “how could you”could maybe be changed to something else. If she’s burning the tree then something must have gone asunder. Perhaps something about how an image of the two of them burned into her memory fuels the current fire before her… idk. If you’re looking for constructive crit that’s all I can muster as it was a great piece.


  3. Ah, the tree is the symbol of love and it’s heartbreaking to realize that it won’t make any difference to the other person.
    Beautifully done!


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