Ocean Made Defense

At the eleventh hour, I finally am able to do my entry for the first week of  the 13-Week Streak flash fiction challenge. Thain in Vain teamed up with Drafty Devil to create this cool little challenge. The first challenge was released on Monday 5th June!

“Well, officer, it was an odd day. An odd day, indeed,” Mrs Stern said. She fingered the pearl necklace around her neck. The clink of it echoed through the small room.

Senior Constable Pruitt sat across from the blonde bombshell and studied his notes. Every one of the witnesses had said the same thing. It’s all a lie. To align their stories for interrogation.

He listened to her prattle on about the captain and his scarred face, the woes of the holiday in this remote island, and the tiresome gossip of the other two couples joining them.

He took his notes, watched her shifting eyes, and the fiddling of her necklace. All classic signs of a dishonesty.

“We all heard it,” she finally said. “The song. It was soft and sweet.”

Pruitt looked at Mrs Stern. Her face went dark. Her hands were folded and sitting atop the table, and she stared straight at him.

“We didn’t know, at first. We barely heard it. The whales were swimming around, and we were so focused on them. But we heard a girlish laugh. And then we went quiet,” she said in a whisper.

“What was it?”

“We weren’t sure at first, but as the sound grew, we started to see streaks of green across the ocean.”

Pruitt did an inaudible sigh. He refused to believe what the others had said.

“Mermaids, constable. It was mermaids,” she said.

Mrs. Stern slammed her fist onto the tabletop. “I’m not crazy! I saw it. I didn’t want to believe it, but we all saw it.”

“Calm down, Mrs. Stern,” he said quietly but with authority.

She took a drink of water. “I’m sorry.”

Taking a deep breath, she continued, “Our husbands. They all started to walk towards the end of the boat. Like they were under some kind of hypnosis. I tried to keep my Paulie. I pulled on his arm and tried to trip him. But he wouldn’t stop. He just…”

She coughed and shifted her weight in her seat.

“Then I remembered who I was and where I was, and no mermaid was going to take my husband from me! I punched him. Square in the jaw, and he tumbled to the ground.

“The other ladies saw me. One kicked her husband in the balls (they don’t work right anyway), and the other pashed hers. They stopped. Dead in their tracks.

“But we were all bothered with our husbands that we forgot to do anything about the captain. He jumped overboard and those terrible mermaids swam over, hissed at us, and took the captain down into the sea. Then we called the coast guard, and here we are…”

For crying out loud, what kind of defense is this shit? Pruitt closed his notebook and walked out of the room.

“I’m done,” he said to no one, as he set his badge and gun down on the captain’s desk. Fucking mermaids.




10 thoughts on “Ocean Made Defense

  1. This was wonderfully written! The characters pop and the story draws you in and doesn’t let you go.
    I also wrote my story from an interrogator’s point of view. Your story made me jealous. 😀


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