Flying High – a flash

I saw her when we were flying. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever set eyes on, and everything else in the space went out of focus. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

Her eyes, her legs, her stature. I wanted to be near her.

When her eyes caught mine, I knew she felt the connection too.

We never flew solo again. She was my whole world. We visited tropical areas, confined spaces, and frigid fields. Life was a whirlwind. We feasted on fruits and juice every day. We annoyed all those around us, and escaped harm on more than one occasion, but we were blissfully happy together.

That is, until that bleak day that lasted an eternity. We landed in the frigid fields to feast upon some round sweet fruit, but it turned into our prison. We were neither of us prepared to last so long in those extreme temperatures. We tried to escape, but every exit was closed. We tried to sustain ourselves on the juices of the wild, but the chill became too much.

We laid down to rest together, touching each other for warmth, for security, but we knew the truth. This was our end.

Our eyes darkened, and the life eked out of us. Still, we touched each other and knew we had led a life worth living for two such as us.

It was in those final moments, our prison opened up, and we heard, “Eww! Mom! How did two flies get in the fridge?”

Then there was nothingness.


15 thoughts on “Flying High – a flash

  1. Oh my word! I thought I was about to cry and then I got to the end 😉 This made me smile Mel. You turned creatures which are considered quite unpleasant into things I actually cared about. great job, fun story.


  2. This was so beautifully written, and then BOOM! surprise ending. I was picturing some kind of tropical bird, or maybe angels, or some imaginary being. I got a real kick out of this. Well done!!


  3. The imagery of this at the beginning was beautiful. I wondered what these creatures were. I was impressed that you created such a complete story in such a short space. And then…the end. I laughed out loud.


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