2016 Goals in Review

At the start of 2016, I wrote this silly little article about having some goals for the year. Now, it’s the end of the year, and I suppose I should look back on the year that was. Having goals is incredibly important, and I thought my goals were realistic at the start of the year. Some probably were, but I was not as focused as I should have been, on multiple fronts.

My goals were broken into three categories. 
Health & Fitness

1. Drop weight to 58kg/128lb, I started at 71kg/156lb.

2. 10% body fat loss

3. Size 8(AU)/4(US) from 14/10

4. Run 10km in under 1:05:00

Final Result: By May, I had gained even more. I reached 77.9kg/172lb. I was sitting around 40% body fat, wearing almost 16(AU)/12(US), and could only run 5km in 49min. On May 21st, I joined a boot camp group and started my first of two 8-week challenges. By the end of the last challenge, I weighed in at 62.9kg/139lb, lost 8% body fat, and can now fit into 8/4 or 10/6 clothes (depending on the make). Unfortunately, during my first 8-week challenge, I sustained a stress fracture in my left tibia, and I could not run anymore this year. I was on track to make my target. I finished 5km in 36min at the end of July. I was very close to my target, and that was after I didn’t really get started until the halfway mark. 

2017 Goals: I plan on keeping most of these goals as is, with a slight variation to them all. They are certainly more achievable now. I’m not looking to lose much more, though, the holiday season has not been kind. I have probably gained 3kg over the last couple of weeks, but after getting back to a normal diet and exercise routine, I should be able to lose that in January. 56-58kg/123-128lb reached and maintained, 26% body fat, size 8(AU)/4(US) clothing size, and 10km run in 1hr. 


1. 35 stories for 35 years (over 100 words)

2. Book 2 of Young Mystics series written by June 2016

3. Book 1 fully edited by December 2016, submitted to publishers

4. 5 stories submitted for publication with magazines, journals, etc.

5. Attend at least 8 Writing Group meet-ups

6. 500 words written every day

7. Be more blog active, with regular posts every week.

Final Result: I can’t say I was very successful with many of these. My goals were unrealistic, I realize now. I tried to do too much. I ended up writing 25 stories over 100 words. I managed to edit two chapters of Book 1 of The Young Mystics, and wrote 25k words towards book 2 during NaNoWriMo. I did not manage to write 500 words every day, though I did write close to 2k a week most weeks. I was able to go to 6 Writing Group meet-ups, but missed the rest of the year because of bad timing. What I succeeded on, though, is being more blog active. Aside from a couple of weeks at the end of the year, I posted something every week on the blog. I started with 20 or so followers and I am finishing the year with 235 followers! Thanks so much, guys! The year has flown by! I have submitted eight stories to publications this year, with one being picked up by Sammiches & Psych Meds this week, making me a published writer! 

2017 Goals: 2016  was a courageous effort in writing, for me. Where it was more about output, 2017 is going to be about quality. I will still maintain a weekly blog post, with a goal of 20 short fiction pieces in the year, but I will be looking at editing and submitting to publication ten stories. Some written previously and others new. I’m going to put money into my writing, with professional editing services and memberships, with an end goal of one paid publication by the end of the year. I will still focus on the editing of Book 1 and the writing of Book 2, but a key focus will be on the previous, since the improvement of my writing will help me succeed with these two. 


1. 20 books read this year

2. 5 must be indie

3. 2 must be new releases

4. 5 reviews written towards these books

Final Result: To say I missed the mark on this one would be an understatement. I ended up reading six books to completion. One was an indie book, written by a blogging friend. I wrote a review on that book. It was also a new release. I started five that I either gave up on or put down to read something else. 

2017 Goals: I still think that reading is going to be incredibly important this year, so I do have a goal in mind. But I’m not going to be so outrageous with them this time. The goal is 10 books this year. Two must be indie, two new release, and one about the craft. I bought The Long Count, which was a new release, but I did not finish it yet. I got rather bored with it, but will likely finish it in the new year. I also received Nutshell for Christmas, so I will most definitely be reading that soon and it’s a new release. I have one indie to read, Metro 7. I will aim to write a review for any indie books I read. 
Despite the failures, I really think 2016 was the step in the right direction for my future. My health is definitely improving and on the correct course once again. My writing is coming along! And I’m much more focused now than I was a year ago. 2017 is going to be even better for sure! 🙂


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