There are spin-outs everywhere, cars smashed, people standing on the sidewalk. He stands among them, hands and face dripping with blood. No one even gives him a second glance.

As smile stretches across his lips, he whispers, “Three days.”

He turns and walks away, passing the street full of people. Princes and Princesses stand alongside actors and actresses, starmen, music icons, poets, comedians, boxers, authors, and choirs. Next to them, all nations stand side-by-side.

They turn to face him and hiss, “Go away, 2016! We don’t want you anymore.”

He shrugs them off, though, and laughs, “Three days to go.”





16 thoughts on “Endings

  1. Cute and cathartic! A perfect post for this week – just the right blend of gallows humor and legitimate suspense. I really enjoyed it. One nitpick – “princesses” doesn’t need to be capitalized unless you’re using it as a title, like “Princess Grace.” In this context it’s a regular common noun.


    1. Hehe thanks! The capital princesses was a style choice because technically it was Prince and Princess Leia, but I didn’t want to name any particular names. Thanks so much for the feedback though. 😀


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