Lost Days

We are haunted by similar stories –
Storeys of memories with a grandparent
Renting whole childhood days doing dumb stuff.
Tough life this – listening to Elvis singing about love,
Lovely (not lovely) day trips to Branson, Missouri
(Oh-really, no one wants to see Wayne Newton
On stage crooning about Dankes and daddies)
Decent hours lost watching a young Natalie Wood –
“Would you believe she died? Drowned.”,
Round table discussions of better times and paper dolls.
All’s not the same now that they are gone.
Gone on to where Natalie Wood and Elvis dance,
Answers given to questions asked long ago,
On to meet mothers & fathers, sisters & brothers –
Others lost to illness and death but never forgotten.
Tender moments shared haunt us still
Til the day we return to them too.



8 thoughts on “Lost Days

  1. So many of my memories of my grandparents are wrapped up in what tv shows I remember them watching (Lawrence Welk) and what music I remember them listening to (Perry Como). This poem taps into that well.


  2. Being a bit slow on the uptake but also reading too fast, I didn’t realize this was an echo poem the first time through. I’m so glad I revisited this to appreciate how you took on this form.

    Liked by 1 person

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