Life is pretty great. Me and little brother have so much fun together. There’s a big yard for us here to play in, and oh the fun we have. Mum and Dad play with us too. My all-time favorite is hide and seek.

Little brother gets in trouble all the time. I try to make him not do stuff, but he does it anyway.

It all starts with him.

Mum’s inside ignoring me. She does it a lot. I’m used to it now, but still call out to her when I see her pass a door.

Little brother is making no sound, and I speed over to see what he’s doing. He’s pulling at the thing Mum calls a latch. I push against him to make him stop and the gate swings open wide.

OMG! Freedom!

Brother and I run out into the street. He wants to see everything. I just want to go see that giant dog that lives down the street. The one Mum never lets me see when we are walking. But little bro is running in the opposite direction and I can’t let him have all the fun.

As we wind around the corner, I see people. Little brother must have too cuz straight away he runs to them. I’m old enough now to know that big people are scary. Stranger danger.

When the big people feed little brother, though, I start to wonder if maybe they’re not so scary. I step forward but step back a couple of times. Do I? Don’t I? I don’t know what to do!

“Nymeria!” I hear. I know that scared voice!

I turn and look. It’s MUM!

I haven’t seen her in ages! Omg!

I run to her. She looks weird. Dishgloves still on her hands and no shoes on her feet. “Oh mum. Mum. Look! It’s so fun out here. I came when you called. Did you see that?”

She grabs me and gives me lots of pats. “Good girl. Oh you’re such a good girl.”

She scratches my ear and puts her hand around my collar. Mum’s just the greatest. I sit and take the praise.

“Is there another with you?” she calls to the strangers.

“Yes,” they answered. “We were trying to coax them both inside so we could find the owners.”

Mum turns me around and I can see little brother, tongue hanging out of his mouth, tail up in the air. I wag my tail with him. Isn’t this just the best day ever?

Mum and some stranger walk us back home. Mum keeps saying “Thank you” to the stranger. Not sure why. We get to go inside while Mum fixes the fence.

Maybe next time we get out we can finally meet the giant dog. Mum keeps insisting it’s a horse, but what do I know? I’m just a dog.

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