tumblr_inline_od0hlaq1ns1t5h7ac_1280From whence does the hostility come?

Why does it burn so hot and fast?

An angry torrent rises –

fast and loud as thunder.

It consumes, devours,

leaving a trail

of regret,

sadness –



This is my first attempt at a nonet, the Poetry Slam for October at Yeah Write.


13 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Nice job with the money! The feeling of desolation after a fight/losing your temper/what have you comes through strongly at the end.


  2. I love the question and answer format. I feel like I just read about a fight with my middle daughter, she is 32 and we still have torrents and thunder, then I feel sad and guilty. Big love makes big fights I think. Enough about me… Well done Melony, I think you nailed it!


    1. That’s exactly it, isn’t it? You generally don’t get loud and hot with complete strangers. No, it’s always the ones you love the most. And sometimes you don’t even know where the anger came. You’re just left with regret for the words or actions you took in the heat of the moment. Definitely where I was going with this. ❤

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