My Children

“The only good cat is a dead cat,” I said to my mother one sunny afternoon.

She lifted her head to look at me and tilted it slightly. My gaze fell on the neighbor’s cat outside, and I felt it necessary to add, “Well, except for Sam. He’s okay.”

The Siamese cat roamed his own yard day in and out, and we never heard a peep from him. We also never were allowed close enough for a pat. He seemed happy to never be touched.

Aside from Sam, my statement was built on nothing. The only other cats I knew of were the Siamese cats in Lady in the Tramp, and I based all of my opinion on those evil felines.

The face of pure evil!
Grandma was always coming over with dogs, though, and they were so much more fun than my perception of cats. We even rescued a pug from the middle of the street. For two hours, he was my pug. Daddy called the owner, though, and I had to give it back. That was not fun. I wished we could keep at least one. But we couldn’t afford another mouth to feed.

I was a total dog person inside and out.


I wake up every morning with two cats lying on or near me and two dogs itching to jump up and join. My cats won’t have it, though, and their evil death stares keep the dogs at bay. Most of the time.

My cats rule the house. They were here first.

The oldest, Patch, is a docile, tuxedo cat with short hair, a soft purr, a drool when he is really happy, and a cry with only one volume – loud. He has been with us now for almost 8 years.

We rescued Evie almost seven years ago. Evie is our gorgeous and fluffy little calico cat. Her purr is frequent and loud. She kneads with all claws out and head butts when she’s really content. She has more of a chirp of a voice and uses it frequently when she gets into mischief, tries to get the dogs in trouble, or announces that it’s playtime with Patch.

I am a total cat person.


For several nights, there was a sad little cry outside my bedroom window. The next morning, I couldn’t find the source, so I just suffered through it hoping that someone would find the poor thing.

Then one morning, she was there at the back porch. A sweet little white and orange ball of fluff. She mewed at me softly, and my heart melted. I picked her up and stroked her little head. She licked my fingers and purred.

Daddy walked out of the house and saw me cooing and awwing. As he left for the store he pointed at the little girl and said, “That cat is not allowed in the house.”

Then he left. Momma went inside to find some water for her, though, and less than an hour later, the cat was on the couch with me having a snooze when Daddy walked in.

I was sixteen, but I felt like I was six again. Mom said there was no way someone had just let her go. She was a Maine Coon – an expensive breed. Somehow we hit the jackpot. We kept an eye out for missing posters, but no one posted any.

We said she picked us, and I still believe it. She cuddled and played equally. Her mews and chirps were adorable, and she loved belly rubs.

She was found laying beside my dad when he passed, unwilling to leave his side until the paramedics arrived.

I was now a total cat person.

A year and a half ago, we finally made the leap and got a dog – a cute little American Bulldog cross. She entered our lives like a rocket and changed everything.

I love just about everything about Nymeria. When we come home, she doesn’t just wag her tail; her whole butt moves with it. I like to call it her happy dance. She’s clever and quickly learns tricks. She snaps at her own tail when it gets in the way of her happy dance, and she warns me if someone is approaching at night but not during the day. She fulfilled our lives in a way I never expected.

Two months ago, we added Ghost to the mix. He’s a gorgeous little English Pointer cross. His floppy ears half droop and half stand upright. He’s a vocal puppy during playtime. He gives sloppy kisses every time he can, and he loves cuddles. He gets the hiccups every time he wakes up too. He’s still learning to be the dog he wants to be, but my oldest certainly knows how to get him there.

Our happy little family is rich with their arrival, and I couldn’t imagine a life without them.

Now I’m a total cat and dog person. Don’t make me choose. I just can’t. This mum doesn’t have favorites.




(Not my usual post. I thought I would have a go at one of the other prompts from the #YWSuper Round 1 challenge, but I couldn’t choose which story to tell and told all instead. This would not have been what I submitted. 🙂 )


6 thoughts on “My Children

  1. what a sweet post! I’m a dog person, but looks like my toddler is a cat person. So I might have to get used to being around cats soon 🙂


  2. I love a happy pet story! Pets (of any kind) enrich our lives so much, in ways that can be unexpected. I would have both except our whole family is allergic to cats, so 3 rescue dogs it is!


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