The Hamptons

This place is sacred to someone. There’s a certain care taken. The porcelain figurines atop the china cabinet have not a speck of dust nor do the shelves beneath them. They sit along the shelf in a distinct order of size with smallest in the middle and largest on the extremities. The fireplace has been swept recently; no soot or remains are left despite the distinct aroma of newly burned timber. Even the white sheets across the chaise and high-back chair are fresh and starched.

“How long did you say this place has been vacant?” I ask the realtor.

“Years. I think as many as ten,” she answers.

Lies. How is it so clean?

The realtor sees my incredulity and shuffles her feet unconsciously, “There’s a caretaker who has taken care of this place for years.”

I wave my hand dismissively at her and I turn to have look at the kitchen. Movement catches my eye. In the corner of my vision a translucent figure is dashing around with a feather duster in one hand and a cloth in the other. His outer-worldly shuffle across the timber floors raises the hairs on the back of my neck as does his missing mid-section.

Before the realtor can say anything else, I throw up my arms and run (screaming, I might add) out the door. On the edges of consciousness, I hear the realtor, “That’s only Fabio! I promise he’s harmless.”

Now I know why this Hamptons house was going for so cheap.




14 thoughts on “The Hamptons

    1. Hehe thanks, Hema! I would love it! You wouldn’t have to feed or cloth him. But would you have guests over? I wonder if he gets violent when someone dirties the place. hehe


    1. Hehe yeah. I think the realtor is missing a prime advertising opportunity. Instead of dropping the price and not telling people about him she should just embrace him. I’d buy the house. Hehe


    1. Hehehe so would I! Being in the Hamptons would just be a super bonus. Unfortunately, Fabio seems to be only able to stay in that house, but we can all dream! hehehe


    1. Hehe thanks, Mahathi! Fabio is such an underused name. lol I think the realtor keeps the ghost secret. Maybe she should just embrace him and advertise the place with him in bright bold letters. I imagine the house would go for double if she did. heheh


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