Dividing Differences

There’s a song I’ve been listening to all week to help me sort of understand what has been happening lately. My heart is breaking, and I feel like it’s still only the start.

I try and keep my faith out of my blog, for the most part. Yes, I occasionally do, and today that isn’t going to change much. I’m not about to preach some gospel and alienate an entire group of people. Instead, I’m just going to leave this song here and talk about how it’s been speaking to me.

This song was written by Casting Crowns, and it’s actually a metaphor for the Church. But to me, it’s a message about the world.

“It once shined bright, and it would be shining still
But they all started turning on each other”

You don’t have to look far. I know that because information comes through faster, that we see and hear more than we did say 50 years ago, but you can’t even turn around and not hear of another mass shooting, bombing, or now vehicular mass homicide.

It makes me sick, but the even bigger tragedy is that a part of me I want to ignore also feels numb. And if I’m feeling that way, how many others are.

But the greatest division that happens after all of these events are among the people.

“You see the poets thought the dancers were shallow
And the soldiers thought the poets were weak
And the elders saw the young ones as foolish
And the rich man never heard the poor man speak”

Immediately the discussion moves from the event to some kind of agenda – gun control, health reform, immigration, you name it.

Facebook shows us this best. You can scroll through your News Feed and immediately see a wealth of posts from opposing viewpoints. I don’t even have to write them all, most of it is available in meme form now:

This division even comes from parts of our world that aren’t spawned from pure evil. Take, for instance, Pokemon Go. Here’s a casual game app that is encouraging people to walk around areas they may have never even seen before. Its community are actively trying to help others as well. But it’s already being stigmatized by so many people because a number of people have been careless or robbed, but mostly it’s because they don’t understand why anyone cares about things that aren’t real.

I have seen friendships lost because of these differing opinions. But what about what brought people together in the first place?

“But it was the rhythm of the dancers
That gave the poets life
It was the spirit of the poets
That gave the soldiers strength to fight
It was fire of the young ones
It was the wisdom of the old
It was the story of the poor man
That needed to be told”

This is the part that gets me choked up the most, though, because it’s so true for every aspect of our world. Our differences shouldn’t divide us even when they completely do. If there were no differences, my job as a writer would get a lot harder. At the end of the day, shouldn’t we just be happy to disagree on opinion? Leave religion and politics out of conversation and bring each other together to just denounce the evil that is befalling our world without targeting any person or persons or groups?

I know… I’m such an idealist.






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