The Cottage

(c) Piya Singh

I remember when we first came by the cottage at the end of the stream on my way to our village. I imagined there was a witch inside brewing some toadish stew. Maybe there was a big green ogre who just wanted to live his life in peace.


My paintings of the place became my solace. When the world was cruel, I imagined locking the offenders into that house.

I drew them inside – locked with fires rising within. None of them survived.


Now that my power has grown. I needn’t draw them anymore. All thanks to the cottage.

(It’s that time again. Friday Fictioneers! Join us or die!… or not. It’s fun, though! The writing part, not the dying part. :P)



45 thoughts on “The Cottage

  1. Dear Melony,

    I’m intrigued. Did she stop drawing because she no longer needed solace? Or is it because she’d conquered all of her demons and no longer needed to draw them? Imaginative piece that left me wanting to know more.




    1. Thanks, Rochelle! It’s a bit of a two part story. Half grounded in a reality where she no longer needed to draw because she had grown stronger from it, but the other half is fantasy in which she learned the power of darkness and magicked with her paint brush. hehe Either way she’s now stronger than those who hurt her most.


  2. Excellent.
    I love the ambiguity of ‘I drew them inside’, sets up the final unasked question beautifully.
    Tiny typo at the end with ‘drawn’?


  3. A well constructed piece of growing powers. I don’t think I’m the only one to see it being developed further either!


  4. I love this – eerie and with a real fairy tale quality to the writing and the subject. I like the hints and violence and lack of it – nicely done. Funny, I thought fairy tales too ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. The kind of “drawing” she did โ€“ so much ambiguity there!
    An artist finds some way to deal with reality. The question is: When does reality imitate art?
    A beautifully written, mysterious story!


  6. I like the way her power has grown by the end. I wondered at one point whether it had increased to the point where she was actually killing them. Well written.


  7. Nicely done. I think the first sentence would be more powerful if it is tightened. There is too much information there that the reader doesn’t need to know. But I love the fairy tale quality and the way her imagination turned into her reality. Great job.


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