Taking a Break

Generally by now, I would have written at least one piece during the week, if not two. I do plan on participating in Friday Fictioneers tonight, but for the most part, I have decided to take a bit of a break from all of my weekly challenges so I can focus on my current works in progress, particularly the editing of my first book, Bloodlines.

I made this decision on Saturday, and guess how much I have edited outside of my own head… None! 

I fail.

A lot of “being a writer” articles will tell you that you have to make time every day to write. I’ve even written about it, based on these articles. But sometimes it’s simply too hard to manage when the days are already filled with so much stuff. As a writer (and I consider myself one because I sit down regularly and write), I refuse to be dictated by others’ opinions about what constitutes my legitimacy as a writer. I know I write better and faster in the morning, but mornings are also filled with walking my dog or doing yoga (because: fat) and getting on the train by 6:30am. I walk to the station, so that takes another 10 minutes. I get all of this done from 5:30am, and it’s a struggle just to get up then. So unless I can write on the train, I have no time. And no, if I woke at 5am, nothing would change. The dog walks or yoga sessions would be twice as long instead. 

I like to write on my train ride to work, as I am right now. I’d love to write on the train ride home too, but it’s near impossible. I have a particular set of rules about writing on the train, and the main one has to do with position. I have to be able to prop my backpack on my lap against the seat in front of me. My iPad or notepad is then on top of it so I don’t get serious RSI. If I’m facing another person, I am constantly losing my bag or iPad or both because: Gravity. So on the days that all the back-facing seats are taken, I’m forced to sit in the people facing seats. It seems to happen every other day. This week, though, it’s Wednesday and I finally have the correct kind of seat. So yay for writing.

So with all that said, I think it might be time to go editing. I may have wasted ten minutes writing about missing writing because of stupid train positions, but now the juices are flowing. Now I can write for realsies. 


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