Spaceship Express

Photo Prompt: c/- ceayr


“It sorta looks like a spaceship, Mommy,” Sonny said. His rock skipped across the lake’s surface. He was too occupied with it to watch his mother.

“Because it is,” Tanya said with a grunt. “One day it’ll take us far away.”

Sonny clasped another rock in his tiny hand. “B-but… Daddy…”

“Nope. Bad men don’t get to fly in spaceships. Bad men drown.”

Sonny threw the rock in the lake with a great effort. An abnormally loud splash followed. “I promise to be a good boy, Mommy.”

“I know, honey,” Tanya said as she made one final push. “I know.”


(After a few weeks hiatus, I’m back for the weekly Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge! Sorry for my time away. Been wrestling with some inner writing demons, and though I’m still not over them, I thought it was high time I join the fold again. This week’s story might miss the mark. I hope not. I didn’t want to make it too obvious what is happening, but I guess after a few comments I’ll know if I gave enough info away.

In case you’re new to Friday Fictioneers, the challenge is quite simple. A photo is provided by the lovely and fantabulous Rochelle, you have 100 words to write a story inspired by the image. It’s good fun, and the community is fantastic. Join us. You know you wanna! 😉 And if you like what you read here, I can guarantee you’ll love the stuff offered by the blue froggie link. Check out the other awesome writers there.)


35 thoughts on “Spaceship Express

  1. Oh I think the abnormally loud splash is enough. You also tell us Tanya made a final push though, and I was puzzled what she was still pushing if Daddy was already in the water


    1. I was imagining she still had an arm to try and get further into the water since she probably couldn’t get the whole body in. Thanks so much for reading! So pleased it worked ☺


  2. Yikes! You got me! Awesome story, Melony. I’d say the writing ground is good for planting now. Sometimes you have to let it go fallow for awhile before you plant (write) again. Same with me. I was off eleven months!
    Super-duper job! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I admit it feels pretty bloody good to come back guns ablazing. I’m sure it won’t be my only hiatus, but it’s refreshing to know I can pick up where I left off. ☺


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