A Decade Past

With only two or three hours of sleep, I am so wired this morning. It’s going to be a big day. My belongings are scattered across the floor in varying shapes, sizes and weight classes. The heaviest item is a leather-bound, book with gold trimmed pages titled “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.” I muse for a moment on how I hadn’t read half the book, and I am really regretting it now.

70lb is the limit for each suitcase. To be safe, I should really go for 65lb. That’s really not much for all your worldly possessions. Some things will have to stay. There’s always the option to ship the rest.

It hardly feels real. This is really happening.

Questing in Thousand Needles, Tenoridus, the great tauren shaman, was losing life and pride in the harpy cave. His call for help was heard, and another shaman, an orc by the name of Graxkil, came to assist.  The two chatted for a time until Graxkil offered the tauren to join his guild. Tenoridus happily accepted.


(c) Blizzard

My bags are packed and in the car. I don’t need to be at the airport until 6pm, but with rush hour traffic, the Dallas streets will be packed. We leave at 4pm, hitting traffic before we even enter LBJ Freeway.

The car ride is a long and silent one. Mom doesn’t want me to go, and Dad is mad at me for making Mom cry. I won’t mention anything of what life will be like for me there.

Graxkil and Tenoridus teamed up weekly with three others to face the threats poised against Azeroth. Grax led the group while Ten healed them. They made a great team, and over the coming months, many foes were vanquished by them. They were all getting closer to each other, especially Grax and Ten.

We’re at the airport now. The moment is finally here to say goodbye. The words fall to ash in my mouth before they are even uttered.

I can’t say it. I won’t say it. 

I hug my mother and then Daddy. I refuse to let emotion to take me. I blink my eyes to stop the tears, grab my things and walk into the security line. Just before I’m up to the gate, I turn around and look at my family. We wave at each other like we’ll see each other again soon. I refuse to think that it might be the last time I see any of them.

The Timbermaw Hold faction called for help in Winterspring. To become revered with these tiny humanoids, Graxkil was tasked with killing thousands of Winterspring furbolgs to retrieve their beads. It’s a task that will take at least a month, but Tenoridus was bored. So they join forces to make the grinding just that much easier.

They talked together during hours of combat. About everything, and their friendship turned to kinship over time. The nightly rep grind became a reason to get up every day.

It is my first plane ride. I’m so very nervous, but I’m also excited. I just think about the end goal.

The plane takes off, and my thoughts soar with it. I can’t wait to get on the connecting flight so I can sleep. My twenty hour journey is finally beginning.

Another guild has set their sights on Tenoridus, proving himself worthy of their group. They aimed to bring him to their side. He wrestled with the decision to join them and tried hard to find a way to make a compromise, but ultimately, the call pulled him away. He was ready to see fame and glory, and the other guild would be able to give that to him. 

Graxkil was stunned and hurt. This act of betrayal from the one he held dearest wrecked him. He turned his back on his guild and vowed to never return, disappearing from Azeroth. Tenoridus was devastated when he heard the news.

I’m at Los Angeles an hour and a half late, and now I’m panicking because I have less than thirty minutes to get to the international terminal, get signed in and get on the plane. I race through the crowded airport and worry that I will miss my flight or that my luggage won’t make it to the plane in time.

Graxkil sent Tenoridus a message. He has realised that the nightly chats had meant more than either had realised. The separation showed them something they had kept quiet even to themselves. He asked Tenoridus to come back to his guild and to him.

Graxkil was the first to say the words. Those three little words were frightening at first, because with them came the realisation that they shared the same feelings. But also because, in reality, there was an ocean and half a world between them.

I barely sleep on the flight. I try, but I’m too restless. I think about how I got here, and the future I will have with Wayne. I think about how we know each other better than many married couples do, and that talking on Skype for hours every night for almost 9 months while we played World of Warcraft together meant our relationship was built on communication. We have made the long distance relationship work. There is zero doubt in my mind of that.

I watch every movie available on the plane, and finally fall asleep around 5am.

“The time is 6:03am on May first,” the pilot says, as we start our descent into Brisbane International Airport.

The morning light shines through the terminal, and I see Wayne waiting for me, flowers in his hand.

I’m finally meeting the man of my dreams.
Only twelve months after my Tenoridus met his Graxkil.

Our first hug is a relief. I whisper the words to him, and for the first time in my life, I feel whole.

Ten years later, I feel the exact same way.





18 thoughts on “A Decade Past

  1. Kids these days and their expansion-pack WoW with quests that give tons of rep with little effort will never understand what it’s like to find a good friend to team up with in Felwood or Winterspring to grind rep with.
    I didn’t meet my husband playing WoW (although he was the one who got me into it), but I have good friends that I still keep in touch with even though I gave up my toon several years ago.


    1. Omg. I know. I miss the old days. Now everyone has it sooo easy. I still have many of my old guildmates as friends, and even plan on meeting them all in person some day even though I have given up the game “for good” multiple times. haha


      1. I feel like a curmudgeon: “Back in my day, you had to walk until you got your mount at 40 and then you needed to grind to have enough gold to buy it.” My husband got fed up when level 80 characters are asking in chat, “How do I get to Darnassus?”


      2. Haha right?? I remember at 60 I spent months trying to get the gold for my epic mount and that was 1000g. Now people are happy they finally are raising the gold cap to 10mil from 1mil. Broken much? Bahaha

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved the story. Its a really good contrast between online and offline world and how they interact. It also shows strong character development


  3. Weight limits are the worst – I haven’t played WoW but I immediately thought of RP item limits! I liked how you told the story occurring both online and in the real world.


    1. Thanks, Ruby. I was so worried that the two parts wouldn’t work for those who have never played, so I’m happy it does. I still hate those weight limits hah


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