A Barbed Life 


Photo Prompt: (c) Madison Woods

You saw me barbs and all.
The twisted wires and frayed edges of my life
Were evident on my countenance,
Yet you still took me in.

Then something amazing happened.
You helped me.
We rolled up the barbed wire together,
Bled together.

The wounds of my life became your own-
The thorny blemishes,
Those abrasions upon the psyche.
Slowly the scars healed.

Now the broken wires of my existence hang on a shelf.
A token reminder of life before you.
But no longer consuming the life
We have now built together.

This post was written for the weekly photo prompt challenge, Friday Fictioneers, via way of Rochelle, our amazing fairy blogmother! I thought for this week, I might try something completely different for myself, because the image just spoke to me differently than usual. It’s probably a bit formulaic and cheesy, but sometimes we need cheese. 😉 If you are interested in reading some other, probably much better, stories, click on that little blue frog. He grants magical powers of amazing linkage! 


37 thoughts on “A Barbed Life 

  1. Wowie! What a poem. Love truly finds a way and then stands by until safe togetherness is achieved!
    Your poem reminds me so much of Christ and the price He paid on the cross. Call me fanatic if you must, but I truly uplifted!

    Liked by 1 person

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