Writer’s Asylum

I’ve been in a writing funk for a couple of weeks now. I know I’m still posting stuff, but the quality is less than I like to provide. I haven’t written anything towards my Camp NaNo project for too long now, and I fear I’m going to miss my target by a lot.

So today I’m going outside of my comfort zone.

I’m part of a Creative Writing Group that meets monthly to discuss various aspects of (surprise!) writing… Yeah, pretty standard stuff. The lovely lady that runs them also does monthly write-ins, and during NaNoWriMo does weekly write-ins. To change it up, though, once a year, the monthly write-in is turned into a Writer’s Asylum.

1 day, 5 challenges, 1000 words each. 

It’s called an asylum for a reason. heh

That’s… accurate

I’ll be participating in this today, and most likely, because I’m a masochist and hate to provide quality work on my blog, I’ll be posting some of the work that I write during the challenge. I wanted to give full warning before this because, I have only ONE HOUR to write each of the challenges. That’s potentially 5000 words by the end of the day. Even on my best days, I struggle with that. Also, because I’m not as fast a writer as many, there will be a lot of typos, incorrect words (acknowledged as my biggest sin), missing words, repeated words, and the greatest sins of all: adjectives, “as” bridges, and “-ing” bridges.

At the end of the day (haha bad writing 101), I will either be brain dead or a better writer. Nevertheless, I think it’ll help pull me out of the funk and maybe encourage me to look at my current pieces with a different perspective.

Wish me luck! bahah


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