The Traveler – Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt Kent Bonham

Gale force winds encased Vivian pulling her along the current at a dizzying speed.

Without warning, she crashed to the earth with a resounding thud.

Wasn’t I in a room just before?

She lifted herself with the aid of a stone, eyes catching on the corners of a book that must have transported her here.

Vivian lifted her head and saw fauns, centaurs, talking bears and godly lions approach her, chanting words in a foreign tongue.

Her dreams had come true!

It wasn’t until they locked her inside a castle that she realised the words they chanted had meant, “Witch.”


I’ve been a bit slack lately, so apologies if I’ve flooded you with stories tonight. My brain has been supremely stuck in work-mode for the last couple of weeks, and I’m struggling to get my creative side going. This post is towards the wonderful weekly photo prompt challenge, Friday Fictioneers, which asks of you to write a story in a hundred words or less. For some reason, this week’s image made me think of the Stone Table. It comes in at exactly 100 words. 🙂

Stone Table

41 thoughts on “The Traveler – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I think you and I had very similar ideas with this photo, right down to the title of our stories. (I swear I didn’t read your story until after mine was complete…lol) Nicely done. 🙂


  2. Makes me wonder if the Wicked Witch of the West’s name was Vivian and she had the same origins as Dorothy (whose last name was Gale — interesting!). I think you might have hit on something. Anyway, a cool story to read. Wonderful, Melony. 🙂


  3. This was wonderful indeed! And I loved the Narnia Chronicles too…
    One must be very specific when manifesting something… 😉


  4. I enjoyed this as a standalone story and didn’t actually make the Narnia connection until your afterword (even though the clues were there). I always worry about stepping into another author’s world but I think you handled it well. In fact you’ve brought up two really interesting proposals – either this is a sequel set at a time when the inhabitants of Narnia have become seriously prejudiced and superstitious or its an origin story for Jadis told from a diffferent perspective. I’m intrigued by both!


    1. Thanks, Thom! That was the goal. I was worried about taking from CS Lewis, but also hoped it could stand on its own and beg the question of a “Wicked” perspective or sequel at the same time. Though, I think it’s more a sequel. 🙂

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  5. This is great, and the Narnia connection is there, but not in a ‘in-your-face’ way, it could stand on its own too. The Narnian’s aren’t blameless for bad witches if they treat their visitors that way. Who wouldn’t get angry…


  6. Book travel – not only of flights in imagination, but literal transport is enchanting, although clearly, this doesn’t end well. Great write – it reminds me of the “Inkheart” trilogy by Cornelia Funke. 🙂

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