An Outsiders Perspective – Friday Fictioneers


Gazing down from this medium-rise building, I wonder at the existence of man. The marvels of the modern world are so primitive. The monoliths are economical, but space is wasted for unnecessary amenities.

Kitchens, tables, even beds. Truly, man spends too much time at all of these things. Time lost in chatter about celebrities or some slight done to them.

I wonder at which point they will realize that pills can replace food – removing the need for refrigerators and tables, and sleep can be removed through medicinal aid.

I guess for as long as I am stranded here, I will never understand.


This post is written in response to the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge. A personal favorite, as the lovely lady that runs it takes the time to read every story and comment. The community is amazing. The challenge is to write a story in 100 words or less that comes to mind from the photo provided.