Writer’s Block

I can’t concentrate –
Intestines all in a knot.
Ow, the agony!


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Your writer’s block may be because you are writing so much. I am very impressed (and envious, in a nice way)

    I really liked your article on rejection. At the moment I am my biggest critic (mainly because I don’t want to share what I consider substandard work so only I get to read it), but because writing is as much passion as sweat and labour, I find what external criticism I get quite hard to take – if incredibly useful once I manage to get past the emotional hurdle


    1. haha The haiku gave the reason for my block. Been sick, so can’t seem to concentrate when that happens. lol You should put yourself out there more. I feel like I’m getting better at writing because of the amount I do for all these blogging groups. You might find you really enjoy doing these bite size fictions. I clearly have no problem posting substandard work, cuz I do it most of the time. lol


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