Hypocrisy – a microstory

Photo: Michael Conroy, AP

The cross atop the steeple casts a shadow upon her frail body as she waits with trembling hands and sullen eyes. The church bells sound; patrons file out. She pleads with them for help – food, water – but all she gets is silence.





11 thoughts on “Hypocrisy – a microstory

    1. Me too! So well said! My dad believed that as well, and he was always giving at least something whether we had much to give or not. He saw God in everyone no matter their situation. I try to live my life like him in that respect.

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  1. I’ve always said that saying your Christian just because you go to church is about as relevant as saying you’re a car because you’re standing in a garage. It’s about actions, not lip service. Well done.


    1. I like where you took this; the tie you made between the prompt and the woman in the story. I had a bit of the same struggle as the parishioners when I moved to the city. Giving, then feeling like a sucker because you hear the same story a week later from that person; not giving, then feeling stingy and fighting with your beliefs.


      1. I still struggle with it now. It’s so easy to just switch off when you walk past a homeless man/woman. The city does that to you with people handing out pamphlets and begging for donations to the cause of the day. We all become self-contained sometimes. 😯


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