Weekly Progress Update #7

It’s that time of the week again! To hold myself accountable, I’ve promised to update weekly towards my yearly writing goals. This is a multi-pronged goal. Thus far, I have not had a lot of great success. I’m still trying to find my rhythm since coming back from my vacation.

So my goals this year were to write 500 words a day, finish editing book 1 by May to start getting it professionally edited to try so I can try and get it published by the end of the year, finish book 2 first draft by June, write 35 stories (over 500 words) by the end of the year, submit 5 stories to publishers (not necessarily published), and read 20 books this year.

I’m just on track with my books. If I can finish this book by end of next week, then I’ll be back on track. I was ahead, but lost a bit while I was on holiday and from spending a fair amount of time on a book I decided to stop reading.

In regards to my writing, I am smashing goals in improving my skills, I believe. I’ve been very active with Yeah Write & Friday Fictioneers, and I think that is changing the type of writer I am. I am loving it.

I am not quite getting the words I wanted out for the week, though, and my book is still suffering. I need to get through that first chapter. I’m struggling with it loads. I think mainly because I’m doing exactly opposite of what I did during NanoWriMo. I am editing too much as I go along. So this week I’m going to try and ignore that inner editor. Guess we’ll see next week if it worked!
Writing Progress

Story/Book Words: 1640
Blog Words: 822
Total Words Written: 2462
Book Progress: 3527
Book 1 Editing Progress: 60%
Stories Written: 9
Stories Submitted: 1

Reading Progress

Current Book: Horns by Joe Hill
Pages Read (Current Book): 79
Books Finished: 4 (On Writing by Stephen King, Rising by Shanan Winters, The Cellar by Richard Laymon, & The Martian by Andy Weir)

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