Weekly Progress Update #6

I’m documenting my progress through my yearly goals. To recap, I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that I would write 500 words a day, finish my second novel by June, complete the edit on my current novel by May, 5 stories submitted for publication, 35 stories written of 500 words plus, and 20 books read.

This week I have not been as strong in my writing as I have been previously. In fact, I missed my mark by nearly 600 words. I’m going to work a bit more tonight on it. Part of that was due to writing the sonnet mid-week. I spent a full day writing it, so it took away from at least one day worth of writing. However, I was pretty happy with the feedback I received for it, and thus it was not a loss. I also lost time on reading this week. I started a book, but I was disappointed by how disinterested I was in it. I read 20% of it before deciding to put it down.

My husband has been away for nearly 3 weeks, and he gets back this week. Because of that, I think I’ll be able to smash some goals this week. Cuz I’ll have more time to write. So see this space next week! hehe

Writing Progress

Story/Book Words: 1251
Blog Words: 1649
Total Words Written: 2900
Book Progress: 2723
Stories Written: 8
Stories Submitted: 1


Reading Progress

Current Book: Horns by Joe Hill
Pages Read (Current Book): 48
Books Finished: 4 (On Writing by Stephen King, Rising by Shanan Winters, The Cellar by Richard Laymon, & The Martian by Andy Weir)


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