The Tale of the Hourglass

Photo Source: Sandra Crook

“What a beautiful piece! What ever does it mean?” Quintion asked.

Arteest stood over his work and stroked the edge of his cleft chin. “It’s the Tale of the Hourglass.”

“Fairy tales are for the lesser class.”

Arteest ignored the jab and carried on, “The Tale of the Hourglass is as old as our society.”

“There is no need for flowery prose.”

“In the tale, the hourglass signifies time itself, and when all the sands have dropped into the bottom, the end comes. The last time it occurred… humanity perished.”

Quintion huffed and stretched his tentacles. “Madness.”



Today’s piece is for the weekly Friday Fictioneers prompt challenge. You receive an image from the lovely Rochelle, and you must write a story in 100 words or less. I came in in just 97 words and lost lots in the process. Come join in the fun! You get great feedback every week, and the community is fantastic. πŸ™‚


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