Oscars Predictions 2016

So every year, I make my Academy Awards predictions. It’s pretty much been my thing since I was a teen, because I wanted to be a screenwriter. This year, I decided that instead of just filling out a ballot or making a mental note of my picks, though, I would actually document it here. Because I’m lame, and I want to be horribly embarrassed. For each category, I’ll post who I think will win and who I wish would win, and I might even give some detail about why I made the pick. Because. again that lame thing. ūüėČ

(Let it be known, as well, that I do not actually get to watch the awards live, because I am at work when it airs in Australia, but I understand the need for many to boycott the event. I am not here to invalidate the feelings of the OscarsSoWhite controversy. Just this is my yearly geek out on movies, for good or ill. And I’ll let it be known that most years, I am grossly disappointed by the snubs offered.)

Just to make the format a little easier to digest, I’m going with the lesser known awards first, then technical, then acting, and finish it off with writing, directing, & picture. Almost like the Academy Awards format. *gasp*

Lesser Discussed Awards

Documentary (Feature):¬†Amy – the documentary about Amy Winehouse is a gut-wrenching and honest look at the rise of her fame and her fall. Not much to say here, except it’s predicted to win, and I believe it will.

Documentary (Short Subject):¬†Body Team 12 – because that’s the prediction. I have no idea, so I have to go with the experts¬†on this one.

Short Film (Live Action): Ave Maria – again, just the prediction that the experts are giving.

Short Film (Animated):¬†Sanjay’s Super Team – another experts predicted for me one. Sorry. I never was any good at these ones.

Foreign Language Film:¬†Son of Saul – the movie’s about Auschwitz. The Academy loves to give awards to period movies, and especially well-told ones, as I’ve heard this one is. (I haven’t seen any, though, just read.)

Animated Feature Film:¬†Inside Out – as if I needed to write that. ūüėÄ

Music (Original Song):¬†“Writing’s on the Wall” – It won the Golden Globe, it’s won just about everything else, and the Academy likes those sultry tones, so Sam Smith should get it, easily.

Music (Original Score):¬†The Hateful Eight¬†– Again, for this one, it won at the Golden Globes, so it’s usually pretty easy to say it’ll win here, as well. With that said, Star Wars was not nominated at the Globes, and the Academy loves John Williams, so it might beat it. – Snub of this round went to Revenant score, which I thought was hauntingly beautiful and would have been my pick.

Technical Awards

Production Design: Mad Max: Fury Road РI predict a slew of technical awards to go to this masterpiece, and this is the first of them. Originally, this field was called Art Direction, and it was one of three that I think are incredibly important to film, the other two being cinematography and editing. My choice for who should win is Mad Max: Fury Road.

Visual Effects: Mad Max: Fury Road – It’s no doubt in my mind that this should win for the effects used. In a race with Star Wars for best visual movie of the year, Mad Max just nips it, and I think the Academy love Miller. They’ll be wanting to honour him in any way they can. My choice is my prediction again.

Cinematography: The Revenant РThis could actually be taken out by Mad Max, but I think just given the sheer scope of Revenant, it will just go over the top slightly. I would, of course, love to see Mad Max make it.

Makeup & Hairstyling: Mad Max: Fury Road – Sorry, there’s a pattern here. I said it would be. The contrasts of healthy and unhealthy people were done amazingly here, and I think though, Revenant was also quite good, it was not quite good enough. My choice is my prediction here, as well.

Costume Design: Cinderella- omg, I went with something not Mad Max!¬†I think this could potentially be a year that any of three could win. Cinderella and Carol are done by the same costume designer while The Danish Girl is another strong contender. I’ve gone with Cinderella, because in terms of costumes, it was the most extravagant.¬†My pick would be for Mad Max, though. ūüėČ

Film Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road РAnother no-brainer, in my opinion.

Sound Editing:¬†The Revenant – I go with this one specifically for one of the best fights I have seen in my entire life. That bear fight had some top-notch sound editing and effects. Seriously, I won’t care if it takes out Mad Max here.

Sound Mixing: The Revenant Рfor the same reasons as above.


Actress in a Supporting Role:¬†Rooney Mara for Carol. I had a lot of thought on this one.¬†Some predictions have Alicia Vikander and Kate Winslet on their list. The SAG awards gave it to Rooney, though, but for me, I believe all of them strong competitors. It’s going to be a tight race, but I think the award will go to Rooney, even though my pick would be Kate Winslet for her understated performance in Steve Jobs.

Actor in a Supporting Role:¬†Sylvester Stallone for Creed. He pretty much has this in the bag. Every predictor says so. I’d love an upset, though. My pick is Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight, but I would be equally happy if it was Tom Hardy in The Revenant.

Actress in a Leading Role:¬†Brie Larson for Room. I haven’t seen the film yet, but Brie has won just about every major award on the lead-up to the Oscars, which puts her in a very strong place to win. The indie film has received a lot of buzz, as well, and I look forward to when it comes out next month. Cate, Jennifer Lawrence and Saoirse all are good competitors, too, but my personal pick would also be Brie Larson based on the clips I have seen of her.

Actor in a Leading Role:¬†Leonardo di Caprio for The Revenant. It’s his year. It’s finally here. He should have won for Wolf on Wall Street, but this is still an entirely fantastic performance from the actor. He’s been snubbed aplenty, mostly because of a silly complaint after Titanic for not being nominated. But it’s happening. I don’t even want anyone else to win, despite great performances from everyone on the list.

The Big Ones

Writing (Adapted Screenplay):¬† The Big Short – Slated to win Best Picture, I’m certain¬†it will take home the second most important award. But I really wish it would go to The Martian.

Writing (Original Screenplay): Spotlight Рone of the best movies of the year, and easily the best written. I think it is very close to winning picture, as well, but like The Big Short, will miss the mark and take home this prize instead.

Directing: Mad Max: Fury Road – The Academy loves George Miller. They haven’t been able to give him an oscar for directing yet, and I think because of this, he will finally win won.¬†¬†Generally, the easiest way to predict this one is to look at the Director’s Guild Awards, The Revenant¬†won this year, but there are times that there is an upset. I think this year will be one of them. I want Mad Max to win, but I will not be incredibly disappointed if Revenant takes the spot.

Best Picture:¬†Spotlight –¬†¬†The main reason I have predicted this one is because one of the largest groups of academy voters comes from the Screen Actor’s Guild, for which Spotlight won the top prize. There is a strong chance that The Big Short may pip it, or even Revenant, but the topical subject in Spotlight, I think, will pull the votes in. It has a strong story and cast, which accounts for a lot (see Birdman last year). I am of two minds on this one for my pick. I would¬†love to see Mad Max: Fury Road take the top spot, but Spotlight was a very good movie that I would love to see get anything it can get. It actually has been a great year for movies.