I’m Back

Hello, fellow bloggers and followers and other peoples. I have officially returned to the world of the interwebz! Well, almost. Technically, I am still at the airport at the moment, but in the next couple of hours, I will be back home in my nice comfy bed cuddling my puppy and cats and my super fluffy pillow. 

I did try and keep the blog going while I was away, and I can see that the scheduled posts did come up. So now I’m happy to know that it wasn’t a total fail. However, now that my cruise is finished, the reality of a week away has settled in.

Being away from the Internet has taught me a very valuable lesson. I’m addicted to it. I missed it terribly, from the smallest of things like answering the question of “how far is a knot in nautical terms?” to “who was that actor who played in that movie?” to everything else that comes to mind during the average course of a day. I didn’t have the ability to check it, and in some ways, that was fairly liberating, but in most ways, I was desperate to know the ultimate question. Did my story actually get submitted properly or did I somehow screw up? Like… I couldn’t remember if it was in the correct font. And I had no way of checking. 

This question plagued me the most. But in all honesty, it probably only came to mind maybe 5 times across the week, and since I couldn’t do anything about it, I decided to just enjoy myself.

And that is what I did. I had lots of fun, and perhaps for my weekly non-fiction piece of the week, I may discuss it further. But for now, I realised I have a great deal to catch up on…

The weekly Yeah Write stories from #251 nonfiction, fiction & microstories! The Friday Fictioneers for last week. And lastly, reading and critiquing stories for the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge for which I received a confirmation email 4 days ago but didn’t get to see until today. And then I still need to write the pieces for this week and read others pieces too. 8 days of blogs and news and Facebook messages to get through, as well. 

Soooo I’ll be a busy gal this week! But I certainly am glad to be on the way back to some normality. Lucky that I took the rest of the week off! Only I might need to spend some of that burning off the calories I consumed while at sea…


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