All Written Out

It’s Tuesday, and so I’m supposed to do a blog today. But I’m all written out at the moment. Soooo much time and effort has gone into my story for the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge, and I am exhausted. 

On Saturday, I received the prompt, and I have to tell you, I just about gave up… For all of a second! Seriously, I signed up because it’s exactly as it sounds, challenging. More times than not, you receive a prompt or genre that just makes your head go “omg!” This time the challenge was in the genre, and the secondary challenge was in the subject (a hoax) and the character (an intern). 

So I sat down to write something that was not based on current politics, because I wanted to be different from everyone else. I wanted to write a diatribe of the world today but set it 15 years in the future with a new world order bending laws to accommodate their own agenda. It was going to be my 1984. Only I had 2500 words to write it, and Orwell told his in a few hundred pages. I got about 900 words in, and realized that it was not working out. It had gotten too complicated, so I broke up with that plot and sent it packing. Except I kept its CDs. Because screw that guy. I mean, story.

Elements of the original story did manage to filter into the new one. I wrote a completely different take. I did research and found some great material on the World Wide Web. It was coming together nicely. Only, I took the third person limited route, and my intern was barely mentioned and not integral to the plot whatsoever. I had screwed her without even knowing it. 

After the first beta readers (hubby, bestie and favorite blogger) finished reading, I decided to change the perspective to first person. It was necessary since I had to get the intern to be integral to the plot. I changed the format a little bit to add more character to it, and it seems to have worked! I’m not the funniest person in the world, but I think I succeeded in writing my first, and hopefully only, political satire.

And because of that I’m taking a break for a day. Except, obviously, I ended up writing this, so… After this, I’m done for around 12 hours. >_> haha

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