The Assignment Gods Hate Me

I guess this is what I get for waiting til the eleventh hour to change my mind to sign up… I got the absolute worst assignment I’ve had to date.


Let me back up… NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge has officially released the first round assignments, and as discussed yesterday, I signed up 5 hours before the deadline was due. It is really a great contest, and I said at the time that I felt I was a stronger writer and had far more support than I did this time last year.

But then… the worst happened…


I got the hardest assignment available….





That’s right, folks! The most unfunniest (horrible attempt to be hilarious) and super awkward girl in the writing community (manic pixie dream girl, I am not) just got the one genre that could break her.


But the good news is this! I’m not going to let it break me. Okay, yes. Everyone will be looking to do something relating to the current U.S. political race, and there is a heap of great stuff to mine from that. Soooo… that means I have to steer completely clear of that. Seriously. How did I get so lucky?

My subject needs to be about A Hoax and an intern as a character must be prominent in the story. I have an idea. I think it’ll work. I hope it’ll work. I guess we’ll see! I just hope I can pull it off!

For those not in my group, I will be needing some guiding hands with this one.

If I can write this, I reckon I can write anything!

After I finish watching a few movies/videos to get the general feel of what I should be going for, I should be better equipped. At least there are heaps of videos available, thanks to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and movies like Wag the Dog and Election. Please, Netflix, have at least one of these! haha

Soooo Good luck, again! I will see you on the other side! 😉


3 thoughts on “The Assignment Gods Hate Me

  1. Good luck Mel

    Writing US political satire seems pointless at the moment since it is difficult to see how you could satirise real life. I would suggest trying to set it ancient Rome or Greece or translate American politics to a fantasy setting, but of course you are probably finished by now.

    Going to try and kick in my own writing now that the summer break is winding down.

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    1. Thanks, Pete! There is a minefield of stuff that I can use from current politics. It was still difficult to write. Finished the second draft now and getting ready to write the third. Happy for some criticism if you get bored this week. 😉


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