Yearly Goals Status Update #3

As per my previous two weeks, I am documenting my progress with my writing and reading goals for the year. My daily word goal is 500, and to get through 20 books in 2016. I also made a plan to submit 5 stories to try and be published this year. This week wasn’t as strong a week as last. I missed two days of writing this week. Friday was because I went to a creative writing group, so I think that’s at least a good excuse to not get the writing done. And yesterday because it was my birthday. 😉 I didn’t finish reading a book in a week this week either, but I’m at the halfway mark. It’s a hard slog, this one. I am so far not a fan of it, but I have to finish it. I also submitted my first story to a magazine this week. I’m not expecting much, but hopefully I’ll get some feedback. 
Writing Progress

  • Story/Book Words: 2053
  • Blog Words: 1123
  • Total Words Written: 3176
  • Stories Written: 2
  • Book 2 Progress: 2524
  • Stories Submitted: 1

Reading Progress

  • Current Book: “The Cellar” by Richard Laymon
  • Pages Read (current book): 152
  • Books Finished: 2 (“On Writing” by Stephen King; “Rising: Book One of the Adept Cycle” by Shanan Winters)