The Teasing Game

Source: Amy Reese

Prince tried to ignore the snickers of the other kids. His gait was ungainly – toes pointed inwards and knees rubbing against each other. The court was not his domain.

Mom made him come here because Proud, his brother, did. The difference was that Proud was a varsity player, and Prince had no athletic prowess.

Today he couldn’t handle it, though. Prince ran towards the stairs. Jeers followed him.

His feet landed clumsily on the top stair, and he fell.

The jeers turned to laughter.

Proud stopped at the top. No movement could be seen.

Then the laughter turned to screams.


Friday Fictioneers is a weekly writing challenge. The creator lady, Rochelle, chooses an image every Wednesday. With that image, you are given 100 words to tell a story from start to finish. This is my second week doing it, and I’m already loving the community. Rochelle runs it well, and never misses a single story, that I can tell. Nothing better than getting some feedback from other writers! Definitely come give it a try! It’s so much fun coming up with something different each week. 🙂


29 thoughts on “The Teasing Game

  1. Dear Melony,

    This feels allegorical with the names Proud and Prince. I like the contrast between the two brothers. Although I’m not sure at the end why the laughter turned to screams at the end. Did Prince kill Proud? Or did I miss something?
    Good writing, though.




      1. The hundred words are a challenge. It’s never too late to rework. You might tweak a word here and there to say that Prince lay very still…or something like that. Only suggestions. And what’s not clear to me might be clear to someone else. I’m still on my first cup of coffee this morning. 😉

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