Boys Night Out 

Been a bit slack the last week or so, so I thought I would write a bit of flash fiction for this morning’s post. It’s very much a “telling” story, because I’m writing it on the train to work, and I’m kinda writing an honest real life story instead of my usual fantasy/scifi or horror stories.  Hope it’s not too terrible! 

Virginal young woman in her early twenties decided to have a night out with the boys. She was a lightweight, and after an hour, she was already drunk on sangria. The two young men with her were spoken for, and she felt safe to just be herself with them. The two buddies (one tall and one short) took her to one of the tall one’s apartment, and they enjoyed more sangria and some cannabis. “Show us your boobs,” the tall one asked.

She rejected him with every fibre of her being. She wasn’t that kind of girl!

He dropped it and pretended to change the subject. It was only a few minutes later, though, that he asked it again. The young woman kept her resolve and declined again.

The alcohol and hash wafted in the air, and her senses dulled. He continued asking, and the barrage stopped giving her pause. She just wanted him to stop asking her, so when he asked her again a minute later, she lifted her shirt and showed her bra. She lowered it immediately, and her face turned red with embarrassment. 

“Oh, Come on!” the tall one said. “Show more than that!”

The short man sat in the room. His whole body and head faced the wall. She caught a glimpse of him, and looked back at the tall man. 

“You were nearly there,” he said. “It’s not like I haven’t seen some before. It’s just between us.”

Her head swam, and her thoughts cloudy. She shook the indecision away, though, and said, “Only if you promise you won’t ask again.”

His smile was broad. “I promise I won’t bother you again tonight.”

She lifted her shirt and her bra and exposed herself. Then she immediately lowered the shirt.

He smiled, unzipped his pants and exposed himself. She averted her eyes, but he laughed, “Look! An erection!”

She turned around and stormed out. The short man came to her and suggested he take her home. She agreed, and the tall man overheard and asked if he’d take him to a bar on his way to dropping her off. The short man said yes, and they loaded in the car.

Immediately once inside the tall man suggested that he wondered what she looked like down there. 

She rejected him with every fibre of her being. She wasn’t that kind of girl!

He laughed and dropped it. The short man changed the subject and suggested he would like to go meet up with some other friends after they drop her home. There was agreement there. 

The tall man suggested it again.

The impressionable young woman rejected him again and again. She didn’t see the distinction between seeing and doing. She would take no part in it.

The short man kept suggesting, though, and the more he suggested, the more she felt like it would be okay. He convinced her that he wouldn’t touch. Just wanted a peek. And as they rounded the corner to her home, he made one final suggestion, and she said okay. 

The short man intervened and said, “We’ll be late.”

The tall man said, “It’ll only take a minute.”

But the short man responded with more proof of why they needed to go now. He ushered her out of the car, and she left without a goodbye.

She walked into her home, closed and locked the door, and collapsed on the floor. Her mind swirled. She looked down at the time and realised no one was home. Then she cried. What was wrong with her? Why did she think that was even remotely a good idea?

She called her best friend and told her what happened. Then she told two or three other people. All of which went to the tall man’s girlfriend. After a week of the rumour mill, the young woman went to the girlfriend and cried her apologies. The girlfriend told the young woman it wasn’t her fault, and she would never blame her. They broke up.

The virginal young woman never went out with just the boys again.


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