The Joys of Editing

So today marks the last day of National Novel Writing Month. As previously discussed, I completed mine after 2 weeks, and so the last two weeks have been prepping for book 2. The momentum has been lost, unfortunately, but now I have completed the full outline and nutted out those final touches to get the ball rolling on the book. The goal was to finish it by the end of the year, but I think that may be asking too much of myself. Instead, I’m going to make it an end of January goal, just before I go on a cruise on the first week of February. I have to stretch it out, since unlike last month, I am not able to take a full month off, and I’m starting a new job tomorrow. New job = training, and training is so mentally draining.

Yesterday, I met one of my best friends for coffee with my manuscript in hand. We’re going to be working on the edit of it over the coming months, and boy! does it need it. We started, of course, from page one, and just under 2 hours later, we stopped at the end of page 7. Granted, there was some coffee to be drank and food to be eaten and chatter about things other than our books, but the majority of the time was spent going over the lines with a fine tooth comb.


Not that kind of comb. >_>

We’ve planned a few meetings like this, and we’ll do it all for her book as soon as she’s ready. A lot of the changes we had to make were sentence-structure-oriented, and naturally, it was mostly things she found. But a major issue that I need to tackle is dialogue. It’s a little clinical in the way I’ve done it currently, and it’s a bit too information-heavy.


So over the next week I’ll be doing more research in dialogue. I may even write a blog article about it towards the end of the week.

Also, just so you’re prepared. I have subscribed to yeah!write. They do weekly challenges in non-fiction, fiction, and microstories, and I found them thanks to one of the blogs I follow. These challenges count the entire length of the post, so the posts will be 100% just for the challenge with no further bloggyness (a real word! >_>) or explanation. Hope you enjoy them! Check them out, and check out my friend, Donna’s Page, while you’re at it. She’s a great writer!


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Editing

  1. My writing died a little after I reached my total. I still have 1.5 chapters to write, but I have a couple of days off and may spend some of that time trying to get some closure.

    What I have written needs heavy editing though. My impression during writing is that the action sequences have promise but much of the ‘down time’ text is poorly written and characterised. Possibly also duplication of themes.

    Good luck with your editing. I found it easier to edit my stories by using a tracker spreadsheet where I put X% per day to edit (adjusting it by the revised word count since editing changed the word count a lot).

    Oh and good luck with the new job. I am officially at my current job for 29 years tomorrow so I have no experience with changing jobs 🙂 [although the actual job bears no resemblance to when I started]

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