100 Word Story – The Package

Just like every Saturday, the streets were filled with people. She stood amongst them consumed by her own desires. A metallic noise rose above the maddening crowd and announced the beginning. She tried to relax her muscles, and then took a deep breath and swallowed. The siren sounded, and she ran. She weaved in and out of the crowd with ease, and when she reached the huge pile, she clutched at the canned goods and cured ham. Her feet carried her in a frenzy down the street, as tears of joy streamed down her face. Her family would eat tonight.
So I have been a bit slack the last few days. I spent my Saturday and Sunday watching TV and being generally very lazy. I’ve been thinking about my book, and I even got a copy of it printed so I can edit it. Since then, I’ve spent most of my time just reading about writing. haha 

I told my husband last night that I wanted to register for a business number, for the sake of tax purposes, etc. My very grounded hubby said to me, “You’re not even published yet. I think you’re getting ahead of yourself.” And I realised… he’s kind of right. I’m thinking about trying to get stories published, but that doesn’t actually equate to publishing anything. So this morning, I wanted to write again. But I also wanted to update my blog, so I’ve done both! Above is the 100 word story I just wrote on the train and the rest of my train ride has been writing on this blog. I reckon it works.  Hope you enjoy the story, though! A different angle than I normally take.

Have a great week, peeps! And to all those in the U.S. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Be sure to have an extra piece of pie just for me. 😉 I always miss Thanksgiving the most of all the American holidays, because it has always been my favourite. With that being said, my team at work is having an early Christmas party tomorrow, so there will be pumpkin pie for it, because I think at least I can carry on that tradition. 🙂


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