It’s Official!

For the first time since I first started doing the November National Novel Writing Month, I have won it!

I’m just going to leave this here:nano-2015-winner-badge-large-square

I’m pretty stoked now! I was going to buy a shirt, but shipping makes it over double the price. And seeing that Scrivener is offered at 50% off for winners, I think my money would be better used on it.

Nevertheless, I have found the secret to the success. That was partially having an outline and an idea of how I wanted the book to go forward, but mostly, it was being able to dedicate time to it in that first week. 8 hours a day, at least. That is significant. Given that once the week was over, I could hardly get 1k words out a day, though some of that was because I realised I didn’t have to sprint to the finish line too.

I salute anyone who was capable of finishing this without having that much time available to them. It’s incredible what people can accomplish when they put their minds to it. I’m impressed by all of my buddies!

To those still pushing through, best of luck on your counts! I look forward to the celebrations when you’re finished, as well! 😀


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