NaNo Update – Can’t Adult

More like I can’t focus today. I wanted to start Retribution in earnest today, but last night and this morning have been filled with a rather large distraction. I am making a big career-defining decision today, and all of my focus is on that. I really just don’t want to adult today…

Which brings me to a point that we all see as writers. Distractions are inevitable. Because we have responsibilities and people we’re responsible for and jobs that are a kind of a necessity. We can’t just hide under the covers until things go away. Even though there are times I wish I was still living in my parent’s house, filling my days with writing and reading and gaming, I know that will never happen again. Because: adult.

So when the distractions come your way, it’s okay to step away from the writing. It’s even okay if it takes you away for more than a day. Writing should be fun and not a chore. I’m fairly certain taking a break will not kill you or the inspiration/process you have, and if it takes a few days to get back into the swing of things, that’s okay! Just remember when you do come back, it’s for the enjoyment of it, and not because you’re stressed your word count is low. 

My two cents… and at least it stole me away from my decision for a few minutes. haha


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